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The Team
Are you a team player?
Musical teams take many forms, from Wind Bands through Clarinet Choirs and Saxophone Ensembles, Brass Quintets and allsorts inbetween - Maybe you prefer duetting with a friend? Whatever your passion, you should find some useful material here.


This site contains compositions and arrangements by Alun Cook, mainly for Clarinet, Saxophone and Brass ensembles, but with a smattering of other morsels. They have been sold in over 60 countries worldwide.

Here are some performances captured on YouTube or mp3 from


Avon School photo
Nikolay Inkizhinov
Oily Rag - performed by The Avon HS Saxophone Ensemble, lead by Karl Hartman - Indianapolis, USA

Mad Swans performed by the highly talented Nikolay Inkizhinov (on Bass) and Ruslan Shmelkov in Moscow

Orkiestra Wieniawa
4Reeds Quarteto - Portugal
Boris Goes to Dublin for Alto Saxophone and Band - Magdelena Polak with the Orkiestra Wieniawa - Poland

Spaced Out - for clarinet quartet with choreography - 4Reeds quarteto de clarinetes - Portugal

The Millfield Trio
Birmingham University Saxophones
The Owl and the Pussy Cat as performed by MOSAIC (formerly The Millfield Trio) from Three Runcible Songs for Soprano, Clarinet and Piano

Boris Goes to Dublin in the arrangement for saxophone choir - University of Birmingham Saxophone Ensemble - England


January 2018

Three new compositions for String Orchestra


February 2018

New duets on the Flute page:

A new page for Oboe


July 2018

New for Saxophone Octet


September 2018

New for Clarinet Choir


October 2018

New for Clarinet Choir


November 2018

New for Clarinet Choir New duet for 2 Bass Clarinets

December 2018

New for Saxophone Octet


January 2019

New for Clarinet Trio (2 Bb and Bass) New for Clarinet Choir


February 2019

New for Clarinet Choir New "live" recordings


March 2019

New "live" recordings New arrangement for Clarinet Choir For Clarinet Quartet - 4 Bbs New "live" recordings

April 2019

New "live" recordings


May 2019

For Wind Band


July 2019

For Clarinet Choir


September 2019

For Brass Quintet


October 2019

For Wind Band


YouTube Videos

In addition to the MP3 files that allow you to listen to every piece in full, there are now an ever-growing collection of YouTube videos.
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